GLOSWIND · wind supervision

Gloswind is a specialist wind energy company with more than 15 years of experience at both national and international level.  The main areas of action of our company are centred on supervision and management, quality control in the park, reception of materials and logistics, supply of materials and consumables, tightening torques, preservation of aerogenerators and creation of reports.  In order to satisfy the demand of a comprehensive service, we have specialised ourselves in machines of diverse manufacturers.

The high level of technical training and independence of our professionals permits us to offer a technical assistance service in activities of quality control of the renewable energy park for the production of electrical energy.  We also have extensive experience and highly qualified professionals for the development of our activities within the reglamentary inspection sector, both in the Spanish market as well as in the international one.

Gloswind has been providing technical assistance services related to compliance evaluations in aspects of supervision and control in these types of installations for more than 15 years.

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GLOSWIND · wind supervision